Friday, March 28, 2008

Let the Misinformation Begin!

Today, Presidential candidate Barack Obama received the endorsement of Pennsylvania Senator, Bob Casey.  Bob Casey is a Catholic.  Barack Obama is not.  

Can a Catholic support a non-Catholic candidate?  Of course they can.  Can a pro-life Catholic (which is, after all, what all REAL Catholics are) support a pro-abortion candidate?

The answer is undeniably, and emphatically, NO!  Never.  Our Church tells us as much.

The real "news" from this story by the Associated Press is how this endorsement will allegedly open up avenues of support for Obama from the much sought after Catholic Pennsylvanian vote.

I'm sorry, but no Catholic worth their weight would EVER vote for a pro-abortion candidate, must less endorse them to a larger group.  Senator Casey 's eternal soul hangs in the balance with this decision.  If his endorsement does sway voters, and Obama is elected president... and Obama institutes more pro-death legislation... then Casey is just as guilty.

If you are Catholic... not "catholic"... you have a duty to protect life.  In all forms and at all times.  Not when it's convenient, or when you are not mad at a certain political party or their representatives.

Have the guts to stick with the truth even when you don't feel like it.  That is what our faith calls us to do every day.  We may not feel like: praying, going to church, doing right, loving our neighbor, etc.  But we HAVE to.  That is our call.  Our duty.  Take up your cross.  Let Jesus help you bear the weight.  His yoke is easy.  His burden, light.

I don't care what a candidate's economic stimulus package is.  Or what he or she thinks about the state of Iraq.  If they have no value for human life, they are not worthy of your support.  Period.

Let your faith guide you this election, not your emotions.  Emotions sway in the wind.  Our faith is built on the rock of Christ.

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Mark said...

I heard about the endorsement but didn't know he was "Catholic". Sad that some Catholics don't act as Catholics. That is where our vote can make a difference. He can endorse whoever he wants, and we can vote for whoever we want. Vote him right out of office, I say!