Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide

I'm a sports fan.  Not as much as I used to be, but one just the same.

I enjoy a good football game or basketball game as much as the next guy.  But what I find insulting is that somewhere, somehow - someone decided that sports equals sex.  

I can't watch a commercial break without being bombarded by sexual images and innuendo, all disguised as "humorous".  You know - the beer and cologne commercials.  Fast food purveyors. And, or course, let's not forget the out-and-out blatant sexuality of lingerie ads, because - c'mon guys - we all know that we need a new pair of panties and a matching bra.

Now the internet has gotten in the game, so to speak.  Every time I want to read a sports story, I'm attacked by bikini pictures or singles websites that promise me a perky - and apparently morally loose - young woman.

Men... what can we do?  Seriously.  What CAN we do?

The answer is simple, but multi-dimensional.  Write letters.  Stop buying products.  Quit watching sports.  Cease using certain websites.

Basically, stand up for what is right.  Always, and no matter what the cost.

Can we mobilize like this?  Be a unified front against sin?  That is the goal of Real Catholic Men. Strength in numbers and strength in God.  I'd love to hear ideas on how we can pull this off.

Join our army and take up arms to fight the Evil One! 

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