Friday, February 26, 2010

The Realities of Lent

Okay, so I put on a men's conference. I lead men's groups. I do a radio show and talk to others about the Faith.

Does that mean the devil leaves me alone? On the contrary. Those who do the work of God are attacked even more. Wonder why there were "priest scandals" all over the world? See previous comment.

Does this excuse us from our sins. Absolutely not. But the reality is - just like Jesus - those who "come in the name of the Lord" usually have Satan walking close by.

In Lent, we are called to strip away all those things that distract us from our God. Maybe that's television, or drinking, or going to the movies. In that sense, some of the devil's "tools" are put aside. And that's when he uses other means.

My friend, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers is fond of saying, "If the devil isn't attacking you, you're not doing your Faith right."

Well if that's the case, I must be doing VERY well;-) 'Cause I have been battered and bruised lately.

As I write this blog, I am getting ready to leave for a men's conference in Pendleton, Oregon. Not to speak, or to coordinate - but just to be there. Like the rest of the guys. Looking for peace, joy, or anything else we may be "searching" for. For me it's a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. I have come to discover recently that I love "The Church" more than I love Christ. I'll fight to the death to defend my Faith, but I won't die to self for my savior.

So,I'm still growing. No one is fully formed while alive. That is why there are no living saints.

The race is not won until the race is done. I just hope I have a lot more laps to go before my finish line comes into view.

God bless you all. Keep praying for me, and I'll keep praying for you.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Someday I'll Get This Thing Right

My last blog post (dated 12/9/09) stated that I'd be TRYING to blog more often.

Boy did that experiement fail miserably.

So here I am. Things have been very busy. The radio show is going well. We've started a new men's group at St. Matthew in Hillsboro, OR. Ramping up for the RCM retreat in April as well as the conference in June.

Additionally, many men who are involved in this new "Men's Spirituality Movement" are coming togther to discuss how we can channel our callings for a common good. A men's retreat/conference at Franciscan University in June will be one of the first steps.

God is calling men of faith and action together to build up armies to fight the enemy. Make no mistake about it. This is real.

The Real Catholic Men website has lots of updates, as well as the most recent editions of the radio program available for download.

God bless you all. Hopefully I'll be back soon.