Monday, July 28, 2008

What Can You Do?

One of the goals of Real Catholic Ministries, and of the associated RCM Conference, is to find a way to gather and mobilize Catholic men when a need for a show of solidarity and faith arises.

There are so many opportunities to say "yes" and "no".  We are asked to do so much these days.  Things of importance... and things not so important.

The real question we all need to ask ourselves - again and again - is "what are our priorities?"

Is a bike ride more important than a Rosary Rally in front of an abortion clinic?

Is a soccer game more important than staying for the ENTIRE Masss?

Is Happy Hour more important than Holy Hour?

I would like to submit to you today a cause where you can put your time and attention.

Please sign up for the e-mail list for this VERY worthy cause.  Bill Diss, who heads up this organization, is passionate about life.  

THIS is important!  Please make a point to put your faith into action.