Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fighting the Good Fight

We all need weapons in our arsenal to fight off temptation.

I know that my faith-life, will-power and emotional well-being have a direct correlation to how often I utilize the three greatest weapons we have.

1.  Reconciliation.  Frequent confession, penance and repentance open the soul to God's graces.

2.  Eucharist.  So filled with the mercy and grace of God that we can't help but be transformed if we open ourselves up to Him - literally.

3.  The Rosary.  Contemplating the sacred mysteries of our Lord.  REALLY contemplating them.  Through this, we can truly know and understand His love for us.

Use them often.  Don't wait until you need to pull yourself up from the muck and mire of sin and guilt.  Use them to keep you clean.  To keep you holy and pure.  They were given to you for exactly that reason.  Don't turn your back on them. 

They will lead you Home.

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