Friday, January 9, 2009

Humble beginnings to a New Year

The idea of "deserving" something. It has been on my mind lately. Do we, as mere humans - yet God's most prized creation - deserve anything? I mean, if we work hard, do we deserve rewards or is it just part of the system we live in?

I have been working very hard lately (as at most times) to be a better Catholic. I attended Mass 3 times this week. I went to Confession. I prayed the Rosary. I read Scripture.

During this time, I received a nice donation to RCM from a gentleman who attended the 2008 Conference. In the weeks previous I had gotten other dontations which allowed me to purchase some equipment for podcasting (which will begin soon).

So my question is... did I "deserve" this stuff because of my striving to be better?

Or is that a question that turns us inward, when we should be looking to God?

I don't think it's about us. It never is. It's always about God and His glory. I do what I do to glorify God, not to get "stuff". Or accolades. Or recognition. I do it because more than anything, I want to spread the truth about God's love and how its fullness can be found in the Catholic Church.

I feel like one of those football players who scores a touchdown, then points to the heavens. He knows where his success came from. As do I.

In, through and with Christ... all things are possible.

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