Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2009 Can Be The "Year of the Catholic Man"

Dear Men of God,

2009 offers us a unique opportunity to be all that we can be in terms of living our faith to the fullest - and in full view for all to see.In a societal sense - things look a bit rough. Many of us are losing our jobs or have been "cut back" in our hours. While prices go up, our incomes go down. This - as you can imagine - causes our stress level to go up, which in turn can bring about serious sin: anger, physical abuse, escape to pornography, etc.

I don't want to get all "political" here, but our President-elect vows to "protect a woman's right to choose" by quickly passing the Freedom of Choice Act (F.O.C.A.) - a bill that will undeniably kill more babies each year than our country has EVER seen. The death toll stands at 50+ million lives lost. That could be paled in short-order.

Our call is to remain steadfast in Jesus Christ and follow HIM - especially in the current climate. Pray harder than ever before. Not just in your bedrooms or churches, but in front of (and with) your children. In public restaurants. Attach prayer cards to your computer monitors - at home and at work! Turn off the television and read, play games with your family, attend Bible study groups, help the less-fortunate. Don't just be hearers of the Word, but be doers of the Word!

Make yourself - and your faith - visible. Go to rallies. This weekend (Jan. 18th) I'll be at the Roe V. Wade Memorial Rally in downtown Portland, Oregon. You should do the same if one comes available. Say a Rosary in front of an abortion clinic, strip club or adult book store.

This is our call. This is our duty. In good economic times and in bad. Who cares how much money you're making? You must live your faith regardless of your financial status - or if you "feel like it."

Be a Real Catholic Man. Make 2009 a year of re-discovery when it comes to the reality of Christ in your life.

Live your faith out loud! God bless you all.

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