Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why is This "Cute"?

I saw this on MSNBC today... just at the same time I was doing research about teen dating habits and pre-marital sex.

First, read the article, the continue reading below.

A study done of 2,400 teens found that the younger a girl begins to date, the more likely she is to have sex before graduating from high school.

Of girls who began dating at age twelve, 91% had sex before graduation; compared to 56% who dated at age thirteen, 53% at age fourteen, 40% at age fifteen and 20% at age 16.

So this precocious little boy is writing a book which will cause our daughters to be un-wed teen mothers. Great! Let's promote him all over the national media.

This is NOT overreacting. This is the frog in the pot of water again. The heat has just been turned up and we didn't even notice.

Congratulations, TODAY Show. You've just begun pimping the nation's 9 year-old girls.


True Faith said...

Thank you for this. I do not watch the Today show. I do not like the soft media. This is something we do not need. I do not find this cute at all. This is exploiting children just what our nation needs more of! When the girls start dating at age 9 they will “need” the FOCA act that our elected officials so they can walk on the delectation of independence and the constitution again.

Real Catholic Men said...

You are so right. No wonder our society is also pushing the HPV vacination for our young girls. Let's make a difference by continuing to speak out against these ridiculous messages.