Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ignorance of God's Law is No Excuse

Sometimes it's hard to not let out a heavy sigh and roll your eyes when you hear what some self-proclaimed Catholics believe - and especially those who hold public office.

Here is a prime example from a report from Catholic Online regarding the recent Democratic National Convention:

Tuesday was also a day of clarification as the Catholic Bishops took serious issue with remarks made by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” on NBC. In addition to stating that she misrepresented the official position of the Catholic Church, several bishops have made strong statements concerning the false statements she made concerning both the history and doctrines of the Church. 

During the on-the-air discussion, anchor Tom Brokaw reminded the Speaker that Catholic Church doctrine stated that human life began at conception. To this the speaker replied the church had only come at that conclusion within the past fifty years. 

Calling herself as "an ardent, practicing Catholic," she remarked that, around 400 A.D., St. Augustine had said that the fetus receives a soul at three month. "We don't know. The point is, is that it shouldn't have an impact on the woman's right to choose." 

How can the ignorance here not be blatantly obvious to EVERYONE? 

St. Augustine was and is not God.  He was stating his own theological conclusion to the best of his human intellect and capacity.  Do you honestly think they had ultrasound machines in the year 400 A.D.?  "Scientist" also thought the Earth was flat and that it was the center of the universe... but it's okay for them to change (clarify) their positions on an almost daily basis because, after all, this is science.

I've even heard the blow-hard Gene Simmons of the rock group KISS bash Christianity by stating that even Jesus was Jewish and not a Christian.

Of course he wasn't!  How can you follow a religion based on your own death and resurrection before it even happens?

Nancy Pelosi is NOT an "ardent, practicing Catholic."  She is an ardent, practicing Pelosi-ite.  Making up her own rules to suite her ego.  Join the club, Nancy.  The line forms behind John Kerry and Joe Biden.

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