Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The "C" Word

Although it's been going on for sometime, this past election has brought it to the forefront.

It's the use (or mis-use) of the "C" word.

Yes, it's the loose usage of the term "Catholic."

The other day on the radio I heard two disturbing facts. One is that something like 58% of "Catholics" voted for Obama. The other is that 60% of "Catholics" are consider themselves "pro-life."

Well, obviusly there is something wrong here. It's the use of the word "Catholic." I move that when it comes to polls and the like, we use the wording "people who consider themselves Catholic." Because we've all talked to people who, when we bring up our Faith, say "I'm Catholic too." And when we ask what parish they belong to, they say "Oh, I don't go anymore."

Then they are not Catholic.

The 40% who are Pro-Abortion are not Catholic. The 55% who voted for Obama are either not Catholic, or are VERY mis-guided and mis-informed. Those who are informed and blatantly choose to vote for a Pro-Death candidate so that they can have more money in their bank accounts are going against the Church they profess to follow. And it's not simply a turning away from the Church, but from Jesus Christ who founded it.

If you don't like what the Church teaches then go somewhere else. Or start your own church. There are plenty of people out there making their own religions and being very successful at it. Hey, Joel Osteen fills arenas around the country for his brand of Self-Help Religion. Check out his business model.

The point is, they don't speak for me. I'm a Catholic and I do NOT want to be lumped into the category of people who supposedly represent my Church. You've kidnapped my Faith, and I want it back!

Do you hear that Biden and Pelosi? I know, I know - 60% of people "who consider themselves Catholic" agree with you.

See what I mean?


mposey said...

Phew - it's great to hear I'm not alone in this thinking! Thanks for the post - just found the blog and and I'm glad I did.

My wife and I are Catholic (and not the kind that just 'considers ourselves Catholic') and we had to answer the question at Thanksgiving from her protestant family 'why did all of you Catholics vote for Obama?'.

Our explanation was pretty much along the lines of your post here. True Catholics did not vote Obama into office....people who call themselves Catholics did.

Real Catholic Men said...

Great to have you on board. You can get information here, on the RCM website or on Facebook page. I also have a page on, a Catholic social networking site. I plan on having podcast available in '09... so stay tuned.

God bless you and your wife!


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