Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why, Hollywood? Why?

I used to work in Hollywood.  Seriously.  Not just the area, but in "The Biz".  I worked with, and for, a lot of famous people.  I wanted to be wealthy and well-known.  I wanted to be admired for my talent.

I gave up that "dream" when it became apparent that my faith was more important than my social status.  Thank God for the grace of seeing things clearly.

I've seen literally thousands of movies.  Now I hardly even watch any.  They are increasingly evil - depicting sex, drugs, deviant behavior... and even anti-Catholicism... as hip.

I see that they are in the process of making another Dan Brown book.  He of the infamous DiVinci Code.  This one, entitled Angels and Demons, once again uncovers secrets and lies in and around the Vatican.

With any luck, this flic will fall on it's face like The Golden Compass.  But me thinks it will be a success.  Our little friend Opie (Ron Howard) is once again behind this little gem.  Innocence lost, I say.

I just wonder why the overly tolerant Hollywood-types (i.e. gay marriage, abortion, drug use, divorce and illegitimate children) don't grant the same freedom to our faith.  Oh... that's right.  The Catholic Church is in the business of "controlling" people.  We are "brainwashed".  Just mindless sheep.

Well, I'm glad to be a sheep.  I know my master's voice.  This knowledge gives me more freedom than they could ever get out of money or fame.  They are slaves of those things.  They're slaves to society.  To fashion.  To their station.  To the population.

I have a freedom in my God.  Because Jesus in the Truth.  And the truth shall set you free.

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