Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Real. Catholic. Men.

Real Catholic Men is here! What is it? Well, let's start at the top.


Okay, now that we have that straightened out, we'll move on.

For a complete description of RCM, please click on the web page link, or go to:

That's where you'll find all the pertinent information about the organization, what we're doing and what we hope to do. You'll find our Mission Statement, Event Schedule and soon-to-be Store.

You may be asking yourselves, "If RCM has a website, what's the point of the blog?"

The answer is simple: I don't want to bog down my webmaster with daily or weekly musings, so this is an easy forum to post regular thoughts and refelctions on things of faith and especially issues regarding male spirituality.

As I plan the first RCM Conference (June 21st, 2008 on the campus of the University of Portland), I'd like to share some of my successes and failures. My struggles and victories. This ministry has been given to me by God, and I will fight the devil tooth and nail to make myself worthy to do so. Some days I'll fall. Some days I'll stand up to the Father of Lies and tell him who his daddy is.

This is my mission. This is my calling. This is Real Catholic Men. This is my blog.

God bless. Be strong in Him.

David Renshaw

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