Friday, September 25, 2009

Real Catholic Ministries Needs Your Help

Dear men and women of God,

Today I come to you a humble man in need of help.

Real Catholic Ministries is in serious financial need. Yesterday, I was informed that the ministry’s telephone and internet bill would be going up $15+ per month. I also found out today that the credit card that I have been “fronting” the annual men’s conference expenses on has been accruing interest that I was not aware of. Seeing as how I won’t begin selling tickets for next year’s conference until February/March of 2010, it is difficult to see how the $292 RCM bank account balance will hold out.

This past year, I flew out three amazing speakers, paid their fees and lodging costs, all to the tune of about $5,000. I advertised in the Catholic Sentinel and printed/mailed 150 posters and announcements which added another $700 to the tab. There are also the “regular” ministry expenses of telephone, internet access, post office box and annual business license fees.

Ticket sales for last year’s conference, minus the cost of food, brought in close to $5,000. You can see where the numbers simply do not add up.

I am asking each of you to pray about how you can help this ministry. As little as $10 would be greatly appreciated. And while I cannot currently offer a tax deduction (although we are moving in that direction) I can offer you my undying gratitude and prayers.

I know that these are the e-mails we all hate getting, but I promise you that I would not be sending it out if it weren’t incredibly necessary.

It is your generous support that lets us do things like the March for Purity, and well as the upcoming men’s retreat, Women’s Tea for Life and the Real Catholic Men radio program premiering in January.

Thank you again for considering a small – or large – donation.

May God bless and keep you,

David Renshaw
Real Catholic Ministries
P.O. Box 116
Hillsboro, OR 97123

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