Thursday, March 5, 2009

Listen to the Cross

History tells us that St. Francis of Assisi - while praying in front of the crucifix - heard Jesus say to him three times, "Francis, go and repair My house, which you see is falling down."

Francis thought He meant the physical structure he was praying in, and set out fix the church brick by brick. It was later revealed that the crucified Christ was referring to the state of The Church and her people.

But the question I pose today is this: Does the cross still speak to us today? And more than just the simple symbol of the cross - but the glory of the crucifix.

Yes, there is glory in the pain and anguish of the crucifix. There are lessons to be learned by each of us. Whether it be of suffering, service, denying yourself, or sacrifice - or all of the above.

One night in prayer, I asked Jesus about His agony in carrying the cross through the city streets on His way to Calvary. My specific question was, "When you were carrying the cross, were you trying to get to the mountain as quickly as possible so that you could fulfill your destiny, or were you so scared that you were goining as slowly as you could to delay this pain?"

And Jesus answered me. He told me, "I walked just fast enough so they wouldn't beat me any more."

A glorious answer from the God-Man. So divine and so human.

He may not have exactly spoken to me from the cross, but his passion, death and resurrection speak to us every day. Sit in front of the crucifix and listen to what Jesus has to say to you. He has a message that He wants you to hear. A message just for you - his precious child.

Come to Him as a child. Sit at His feet and listen to the Master. There are words of wisdom, love and life from the King of Kings!

Embrace the Cross!


Daniel Kenney said...

David, this is a great reflection and I needed it today. Keep up the good work, am excited to read more now that I have found this!

Daniel Kenney
@danielkenney on Twitter

Real Catholic Men said...

Thanks, Daniel. I am humbled by your comments. I hope to continue to lead more men closer to Christ. God bless you.