Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Too Good to Be "Real"?

It will come as a surprise to no one that the idea of Real Catholic Ministries (and the associated RCM Conference) has garnered some negative feedback.

Here are just a few of the things:
  • The word "Real" alienates those who think of themselves as "less than", and angers those who see the word as an accusation that men who do NOT attend are not "Real".
  • "A Call to Arms" is a violent, military reference that will turn off those who are against the war in Iraq.
  • Who needs men's spirituality?  It's just like Eucharistic Adoration or belief in the Magisterium - not really necessary. 
  • Why are you excluding women?
So, as we move forward with this conference, and those to follow, I want to make my intentions clear.

RCM is for men who want to better understand - and follow - their God-given roles within their Church, their family and their society.  These are not arbitrary rules or regulations fabricated by me.  I'm not that smart.  I'm simply following the Church and the God that I profess to believe in.

Here are two questions to ask yourselves:
  1. Do you REALLY believe in the Church and the God that you profess to believe in?  And if so, don't you want to follow that Church and God to the best of your ability?
  2. If not, whose rules are you following?  Yours?  Do you think you have a better idea than the Church Christ created about what is right and wrong?  (see Genesis - Original Sin)
We as men - and as human beings in general - need to quit thinking that we are God.  We're not.  Our rules and norms don't apply.  

So you think you don't need RCM?  Just call yourself St. (insert name here).  I know I need it.  As a mater of fact, those who think they don't need it, need it as much - if not more - than the rest.  But we ALL need it!

Be honest with yourselves.  Be honest with God.  Your eternal soul hangs in the balance.

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